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Do you want a wedding ring that's special, unique and a little different for your big day and, more importantly, the rest of your life?  


Our Textured Wedding Rings are truly unique; each ring is made as a bespoke order and produced as a one off, making the rings individual and personal for each couple. What could be more special than that?  




T021: Flat Shaped Wedding Rings Bevelled & Rounded Edges

  • Flat Shaped Wedding Rings

    T021: Bevelled Edge and Rounded Edge Design

    • 4mm Flat Shaped Ring. Polished Finish. Rounded Edge Design. 
    • 5mm Flat Shaped Ring. Polished Finish. Bevelled Edge Design.


    Textured Wedding Rings are available in a variety of different metals such as Platinum, Palladium, White Gold, Yellow Gold or Red Gold. 

    Please see the price guide or contact Natalie Holt for a specific quote.

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