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Production Methods

Natalie Holt of Fluidity Design specialises in producing high-quality contemporary handcrafted jewellery, including bespoke wedding rings and bold neckpieces.

"I really enjoy working on the bespoke Fingerprint Wedding Rings, as they are so personal to each couple. The fingerprint of each partner is engraved onto the other's ring, making it very individual and truly unique.


"My style of work is fluid and contemporary, incorporating organic lines and clean sweeping curves. I aspire to make each piece unique by experimenting with the qualities of the metal by introducing texture, twisting, carving, enamelling and reticulation. Each piece is highly finished and has a timeless quality."

– Natalie

About Fluidity Design

Natalie originally came from a Fine Art background, as a result her work is very sculptural. She then completed a Graphic Design degree specialising in model making and 3D animation. After working as a Graphic Designer for some time she felt the need to be more creative. So Natalie studied Jewellery at Manchester City College and the School of Jewellery in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, and soon set up Fluidity Design, which is based in Cheshire.

"I am inspired by the properties of the metal and it's endless potential to create new and interesting shapes and textures. I find that the most interesting effects often arise from experimentation."

– Natalie


Upcycle your old gold jewellery. To create something new...

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