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Do you want a wedding ring that's special, unique and a little different for your big day and, more importantly, the rest of your life?  


Our Textured Wedding Rings are truly unique; each ring is made as a bespoke order and produced as a one off, making the rings individual and personal for each couple. What could be more special than that?  


We offer an entirely bespoke and personal service to ensure that your wedding rings are exactly how you envision. So if you have any specific requirements, such as stone setting, bespoke shaping or you just want to discuss ideas, please get in touch.

T001: Palladium Flat Shaped Wedding Rings

  • Palladium Flat Shaped Wedding Rings

    T001: Line Textured Design

    • 2mm Flat Shaped Ring.
    • 5mm Flat Shaped Ring.


    Textured Wedding Rings are available in a variety of different metals such as Platinum, Palladium, White Gold, Yellow Gold or Red Gold. 

    Please see the price guide or contact Natalie Holt for a specific quote.

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