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Personalised Prints Collection.


The contemporary handcrafted silver jewellery is personalised with a silver fingerprint, hand or footprint impression of a loved one. Paw-print impressions can also be used. They make perfect and original gifts that become treasured silver keepsakes. Whether it’s a charm pendant or something more elaborate, there is a gift for everyone.


Silver print impressions are central to the design of this stunning collection. A range of different charm shapes and sizes are available with some designs.


Impression kits will be posted out once an order has been made. Fingerprint impressions are taken with putty kits. Hand, foot or paw prints are taken with inkless wipes. 

FT13: Flower Baby / Child's Bangle.

  • FT13: Flower Baby / Child's Bangle.

    Impression: Fingerprint.

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